Radio, Ready or Not!

by The Bygones!

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"Radio, Ready or Not!" is available now! This is the debut EP from The Bygones!


released July 29, 2011

Billy Janiszewski- vocals, guitar
Colin Van Deusen- bass, vocals
Dan McGuinness- percussion



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The Bygones! Brooklyn, New York

The Bygones! are a high-energy rock trio based in Brooklyn, NY. The group formed in November 2009 with members Billy Janiszewski, Colin Van Deusen, and Dan McGuinness.

Each member of The Bygones! comes from a unique musical background, ranging from rock to jazz, and even classical. These different musical styles come together to form an edgy, yet melodic rock sound.
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Track Name: Lonely Ones
Here I am in bed again
Dreaming of a face
I never seem to place
Everything I said again
I’m praying that you’ll hear
And suddenly appear
Cause then I could stand to fall in love again
And always sigh
Your gentle eye
For now I can only wish to be a man
Who takes his scenes
Right from his dreams

This one goes out to the lonely ones-
You don’t need reminding
Oh, light, when you gonna blind me?
Oh, love, when you gonna mind me?
I can’t stand this wait, when you gonna find me?

Play me all those notes again
I thought I thought I heard
The crooning of a bird
Show me what you wrote again
I’m praying that I’ll see
The way to find the key
Cause then I could start to follow heart again
I think it knows
The way to go
And then I could stand to be myself again
And take my scenes
Throughout my dreams
Track Name: Gimme Some Space
How’d you kick in an open door?
Whatchu stealing my groceries for?
Well I could breathe, yeah, I was breathing before
But here you are in my face
Gimme some space

You came in rabid and you threw me on the floor
You rocked the boogie till you let out a roar
Well babe I gotta say it’s getting hardcore
And though I like you in lace
Gimme some space

And though her curves are on buffet
And though her touch could make me sway
I’ll end up her tender prey
You best stay away

I hate the tune of your thunderous snore
The sounds you make in bed are hard to ignore
I never thought a girl could be such a chore
We gotta teach you some grace
Gimme some space

Well here’s a class you’ve never taken before
Your charms are old and your stories a bore
And I’m not even sure I want you anymore
Stay out of my place
Gimme some space
Track Name: Sour Apple
Sour little apple of my eye
Could it be you're moaning away your nights?
Could it be the place of your delights
Isn't by my side?
Did you think I was blind?
Did you think that I'd never ever know?
The end of us I wrote isn't worth the notes

I'm sorry did I stifle your reply?
I'm sorry if I'm being impolite
The ever burning question as to why
Takes too much to try

You smell like heartbreak
Oh you smell like lies
Oh you're such a crouch ache, a toothache, and a headache
And I just had to know
Oh I had to know
Oh you gotta go

And all I had to do was take a dive
Then everything would be al-fucking-right
But maybe it's the only way I thrive
Putting up a fight
Babe are you exhausted?
Am I seeming trite?
Well whether or not you know never come back home

So how is it we're saying our goodbyes?
And does this really come as a surprise?
The never-knowing man is getting wise
This is where it dies

And from the moment she was planted she had started out so sweet
But when the bitter roots took over they had made a nasty treat
I wanted love I wanted passion ended with deceit
And so you my love the apple of my eye is a cheat
Track Name: Begging
In her leggings she was begging
For a man to call her name
Three shots later
I decided to play her game
Do you wanna be my friend?
Do you gotta little time to spend?

The party it was bumping and
The floors were thumping to the bass
And all of the vibrations
Put a smile right on her face
Think about the circumstance
I really think we oughta dance

Well the blood is dripping over the bruise
And there's a part of me that's lost in the booze
Well I am asking you to take me away
Yeah I am begging you to lead me astray

The party's winding down and now
I think I'm finding how you think
And all of your looks, well they cook
I think we need a drink
Can we take a ride back home?
I think we oughta be alone

Oh, baby well my sight is gone
Oh, baby well my mind is numb
And you'll be gone when tomorrow comes
Track Name: Angel
Mrs. Trying-everything had taken a hit
Off the back of a toilet that was covered in shit
Mr. Fixer-upper put her dead on the ground
With his rusty old words he had taken his pound

He’s sending her to her angel
He’s sending her far beyond
He’s leaving his guilt
He’s letting her wilt
He’s sending her to her god

Mr. Fucking-everything had found him some trash
In the back of an alley he had gotten a rash
Dr. Confidential just prescribed him some pills
With a shake and a wink, and a smile that kills

He’s sending him to his angel
He’s sending him far beyond
He’s leaving his guilt
He’s letting him wilt
He’s sending him to his god

Mr. Halfway-home had paid his debt
Had a lifetime of nightmares that he’d like to forget
Counselor never caught herself in a bind
When the popo look it over guess who’s prints they’ll find?

She’s sending him to his angel
She’s sending him far beyond
She’s leaving her guilt
She’s letting him wilt
She’s sending him to his god
Track Name: Radio, Ready or Not!
Oh honey
Got a brand new jive gonna make us ton of money
For the rump-shakers and the earth-quakers and the heartbreakers and the love-makers
And hey Mr. Doesn't-groove
I'm gonna make you move
Whether you're willing or what

Oh baby
Gonna shake my hips gonna make your mind go crazy
Get your pulse palpitating, pores perspirating, soul salivating... voice hesitating
And hey Little Miss Perma-frown
I'm gonna make you get down
Baby show me what ya got

Said are you looking for something hot?
Welcome me to your homes- radio, ready or not!

Oh yeah darlin'
Gonna make you shake gonna shiver til the early mornin'
Get your bed bumpin' and your thighs thumpin' and your pulse pumpin' and your jives jumpin'
Said I'm gonna make you move
And hey Sally-doesn't-swing
I'm gonna make you sing
Whether you're willing or what

Said are you looking for something hot?
Welcome me to your homes- radio, ready or not!

Like this..

Are you looking for something hot?
Welcome me to your homes- radio, ready oh

Whoa nation!
Gonna swing my axe, gonna give you a new vibration
For the blue babies and the achy breakies and the dancing sadies and allllll the ladies
Said we're gonna make you scream and shout
And hey country full of doubt
I'm gonna rock you out and never be broken or bought

Are you looking for something hot?
Welcome me to your homes- radio, ready or not!